The Nigerian Event Industry is made of men and women with superpowers. However, how we use our powers differs and how we impact our immediate community says a lot about who we are.

Tobi Fletcher is one of the hundreds of young great men and an entrepreneur driving the affairs of the industry with creative acumen from deep insight into natural essence.

He has carved a niche for himself by promoting one of Africans indigenous grain of rice popularly known as “Ofada”. Winner of the 2017 Event Industry Award (TEIC).

OFADABOY is a representation of a family heritage founded in 2009 by Tobi Fletcher, an original indigene of Ofada town in Ogun State Nigeria – famous for the production of local Ofada rice. His great grandfather was among the first set of farmers to plant Ofada rice and the family tradition has been passed on through generations. ( the most sought after catering Service is situated in the metropolis of Lagos Nigeria.

His creativity goes beyond preparation of the meal, but also the exclusive African crafted model of presentation with increasing list of African’s favorite meals and soups. Tobi is indeed a pioneer promoter of Nigerian culture and known for his new innovative approach at every event of service.

Join us today to celebrate this young man. Our own Man Crush Monday, Mr. Tobi Fletcher of Ofadaboy Catering.


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