Deciding on a date for your next event could be a little more than what you thought, having clarify the type and nature of event, the next action in line is to affix a date either as tentative or a final, depending on the individual and factors to be considered for final decision.

Events could be of any form, ranging from;

  • Private Events (such as weddings, birthdays, burial etc.)
  • Corporate Events (such as business dinner, conferences, team building, networking cocktail, seminars, product lunch and meetings)
  • and lastly Civic/Live Events (such as sport events, fund raising, charitable auction, concerts, festivals, etc.)


Here are a few factors to be considered while picking a date for your next event.

  1. SEASON AND TIME: is your event driven by a particular season? You have to be sure that the traffic expected at such events will be available to attend, a seasoned driven event must be scheduled within the scope of the allotted period. Examples include; Easter jamboree, year-end yard sales, black Friday open sales, holiday specials, new year carnival, valentine boat cruise etc. all such events are likened to a particular season, therefore dates must be within the frame of times in other to keep relevance and attract right audience.
  2. Family Consent: Consent of family members and a few important dignitaries could be sought after prior confirmation of private events. Weddings especially requires lots of consideration from the families of the couples involved. Also travel constraints, medical appointments are determining factors to check on your calendar.
  3. Public Holidays: Notable dates like Christmas day, democracy day, easter, id el fitri, id el kabir, id el maulud, labour day, national independence day, new year’s day and many other world public observed holidays on the world calendar and your country’s local calendar are a must to look out for while deciding on dates most especially for special events, notwithstanding, it could be an advantage for some events while an off date for another. Planners and event owners are always advised to look out for such dates.
  4. Government civic event dates: recently residents in Lagos State can tell of some notable dates for special events organized either by the government or private sectors in collaboration with the government, events like RUN Lagos organized by Access bank, Pepsi beach Concert etc. are all heavy traffic management events, these mostly see to the closure of some major roads, restriction on movement time and also attracts high level of traffics across the state, this does not only happen in Lagos but every other states also does have road rallies, political rallies, fundraising concerts and so on. Such event dates are mostly publicized and announced, event owners and planners are encouraged to look out for such event dates ahead of their planning.
  5. Special events: Major events at your locality or state could lead to a total crackdown on your event if there is a date clash, events such as hosting of major sport festivals (world cup, nations cup), carnivals, traditional event, parades etc.
  6. Weather factor: Don’t you ever toy with what the weather forecast report says…….it could be your next event saving grace. Understanding that every date is within a scope of climate prescription, you must be cautious of your type of event, type of venue and also the effect the day weather could have on your event.

Nigeria experiences raining season within the months of June to September, during this season it is most likely to rain every day and it is best advised event owners and planners seek covered venues to give proper cover to guests. If you don’t want your event affected by rain, you can check out other dates outside this scope of season because we would not want to get out guests drenched!!! Do we???

  1. Other factors: Other relative factors to be considered while picking dates for your events includes;
  2.  availability of choice venue
  3. Open dates for officials (ministers, special guests, speakers) or choice vendors
  4. In cases of importation and logistics control……….event owners are required to keep checklist on meeting up with logistics schedules as it could be a key factor to deciding event date.

The success of your event is tied to having a well selected date on your calendar putting all required factors into consideration.

So let’s plan for a better event.

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