Ever wonder what it takes to be a bride? It takes more than being beautifully adorned in that white crystal stoned gown, walking down the aisle, shimmering smiles and poses for the camera, picking your wedding colors, flowers, working with that ever active event planner, searching for vendors, making bookings and driving round town shopping towards your most anticipated day ever.



A bride’s first ever DIY assignment is to be a DREAMER…….

It’s few months down the lane, and not long he popped the question, and you could not hold back saying YES….YES I WILL. OK…..! GOOD, the proposal movie is over………

It’s time to make a list of activities and draft a schedule for your wedding day. Your fist assignment is to be a dreamer, every woman is blessed with the grace to envision, oh! I was told every woman is born a dreamer.

Here are few factors you have to dream about; not just dreaming but envisaging a perfect view of your expected wedding day.


The bridal dress: This is one of the most sensitive element of a wedding on a brides checklist, having a careful thought about your dress is a key factor that makes shopping for what to buy or sew easy. Remember that impeccable dress you dreamt of wearing on your wedding day growing up as a kid? So put a picture to it with you in that gorgeous dress walking smoothly down the aisle.

The Joining: Yeepee…….what shape does your wedding takes for its joining?  Are you planning to have a conventional church marriage, mosque, registry or it’s a traditional wedding? You need to see yourself somewhere in the joining room, who holds you down the aisle? This is key. Dream on to the point of the request from the minister “you may kiss your bride”…ok now you can wake up. lol

Venue Décor: The ambience of your wedding hall is a must dream about element that makes your day complete. Pick all factors carefully from flowers to light effect, table covers to Centre pieces and vases, type of chairs to aisle arrangement and stage design, special effect etc.

Guests: Wondering how guest list could make the list of your first DIY? Ok here is the buzz, when you envisage your wedding day, who are the people u see around you? Who are those u want to see around you that day? They mean so much to you and your big day, think along the array of friends, families and colleague. Cause you don’t want them missing out on your special day right!!


A dreamers list is endless……you just have to keep dreaming until you figure it all out well enough and be able to translate your dreams to facts for your planner and every participating vendors

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